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Borax Twenty Mule Team® of Death Valley Replica Wagons

The DVC, to preserve the past and encourage interest in the early mining history of Death Valley, commissioned replicas of the Twenty Mule Team wagons that once transported borax 165 miles across Death Valley to the nearest railhead at Mojave, CA.

These replica wagons, pulled by a matched string of 20 mules owned and trained by Bobby Tanner of Bishop, CA, have made appearances at some of the biggest parades in the nation, and rekindled an appreciation for borax heritage in and around Death Valley. When not at parades, the wagons are on public display at the Laws Railroad Museum and Historic Site near Bishop, CA.

Twenty mule team replica borax wagon side view
Borax wagon original pano NPSBorax wagon reproduction pano at sunset DVC

Compare the original borax wagons at Harmony Borax Works in Death Valley National Park to the replicas commissioned by the Death Valley Conservancy.

Borax wagon original sideview NPSBorax wagon reproduction sideview DVC
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When not at parades, you can visit the replica wagons at the Laws Railroad Museum and Historic Site! This exhibit was made possible by the Death Valley Conservancy, the American Mule Museum, Laws Railroad Museum and Historic Site, and many generous donors.

The museum is open year round, but closes to observe Christmas and Thanksgiving. Admission is by donation.

Wagon News

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Borax Wagon Videos

Maiden Voyage of the Replica Borax Wagons

See the maiden voyage of the replica borax wagons featuring muleskinner Bobby Tanner and wainwright Dave Engel.

Building the Replica Borax Wagons

Wainwright Dave Engel has shared a comprehensive playlist of replica borax wagon construction videos.

Keep Them Rolling

Your donation to the Death Valley Conservancy’s Borax Heritage Fund will help maintain, and interpret the full-scale, working reproductions of the famous Borax Twenty Mule Team® of Death Valley Wagons.

20 Mule Team Borax


Thank you generous donors for making these exciting projects possible.