Wheels are Turning to Save Last Surviving Original Set of Iconic Borax Wagons in the Park

January 20, 2022

Harmony Borax Wagons - A wood conservator uses a wood probe for the ultrasonic pulse velocity device at Harmony Borax Works in Death Valley National Park
DVC met up last week at the Harmony Borax Works with NPS/DEVA staff and the talented wood conservator, Curtis, from Harper’s Ferry last week on his last day for field assessments. The DVC has provided partial funding, along with other donors, for the field assessments in order to discuss some preliminary findings and potential short term actions for the last surviving set of the iconic, world-famous 20-Mule Team Death Valley Borax Wagons. The more formal analysis and longer term options are done offsite.
Harmony Borax Works Death Valley National Park Staff and Intact Borax Wagon Set
Harmony Borax Wagons Death Valley National Park ultrasonic pulse velocity device screen

I love that cutting edge 21st Century technology, in this instance an ultrasonic pulse velocity unit, is being used as a non-destructive method to study and help preserve what was cutting edge tech of their day, these mighty wagons, in the 19th Century!

Thanks to the donors – the DVC, US Borax and individuals who made this project possible.

There will be much more to do in the future!

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